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Corn Silage Management


Corn Silage Nutrient Management

When producers think of managing soil nutrients for corn production, they likely think first of nitrogen — but nitrogen is just the beginning of the story. Corn silage growers also need to test for and manage potassium, phosphorus and micronutrients.

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Wet Springs Can Reduce Fiber Digestibility

Corn silage tends to feature better fiber digestibility when the crop experiences dry-but-not-too-hot growing conditions prior to tasseling. So far, 2015 has been wetter than ideal for many forage growers, setting up the crop for some potential fiber digestibility issues.

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Are Corn Fungicides Worth the Additional Cost?

Foliar fungicides have shown economic return in some studies. While there have been limited studies with corn silage, benefits derived from grain corn should similarly benefit silage growers.

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Growing Conditions Affect Silage Quality

The influence of growing conditions (especially moisture) is a major source of the nutritional variability seen within hybrids across years and locations. A recent discussion with a consulting nutritionist about how weather patterns affect corn silage quality prompted the author to delve into this subject.

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