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Alfalfa Management


Choosing an Alfalfa Variety Is Like an Election

Choosing an alfalfa variety for your operation is like an election. With a little bit of homework, it’s easy to make a good choice.

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4 Tips for Top-Shelf Alfalfa Genetics

Want to get the most out of your alfalfa? Follow four tips that can help you select the appropriate genetics to fit your needs.

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Straight Alfalfa or Alfalfa Grass Mixes

Straight alfalfa or alfalfa-grass? Many dairy farmers have already answered this question for their farms. Most producers often conclude that alfalfa-grass provides more consistent yields of high-quality forage than alfalfa that’s directly seeded alone.

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Alfalfa Considerations for Prevented Plant Insurance

Corn growers may consider taking the prevented plant insurance option for wet corn fields and seeding alfalfa for feed or the green manure value. Use the following Q & A to help you understand your options.

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Make Sure Your Alfalfa Fits

CAlfalfa, once considered a "one-size-fits-all" crop, now comes in varieties that feature different strengths to meet the needs of different growing environments. DuPont Pioneer offers a wide range of varieties so growers can select the right product for the right acre.

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