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Corn Silage Management


Silage Storage Molds — Awareness and Prevention

Every year, producers confront mold and mycotoxin problems, especially in regions where crops have suffered environmental or disease stress. There are multiple ways to deal with those problems in the field and in storage.

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Approximate Silage Bunker, Pile & Bag Capacities

This spreadsheet will help estimate approximate bunker silo and silage bag capacities for corn silage, haylage and high-moisture corn.

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Bunker Management

Dairy and livestock producers should do a number of things to put the best feed into, and take the best feed out of, their bunker silos.

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Limiting Silage Shrink Can Save Nutrient, Money

Shrink loss is a major cost for livestock feeders. Practices that limit silage shrink during harvest, storage and feedout can put money into producers’ pockets. Fortunately, good management can limit the impact of shrink loss.

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Stretch Your Sampling Budget with NIRS

Near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) allows operations to assess and monitor the quality of their silage in storage. However, the value of NIRS measurements depends to a large degree on the reference methods on which the model is based.

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