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Inoculant Management


Inoculating Shredlage® Corn Silage with Pioneer® Nutrivail™ Feed Technology 11CFT

Pioneer® Nutrivail™ feed technology 11CFT increases the yield of rumen microbial biomass during fermentation of corn silage hybrids harvested with a Shredlage® processor.

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Advanced Fermentation

Today's advanced bacterial inoculants from DuPont Pioneer are capable of delivering higher levels of performance in protecting, preserving and enhancing the quality of silage during all phases of fermentation and feedout.

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How Inoculants Lower pH and Preserve Nutrients

Tools now allow growers to see the value of inoculants in cooling forage bunkers and limiting the growth of harmful microorganisms. Good management and the right inoculant can preserve more nutrients for use by the animal.

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Inoculants Offer Easier Access to Fiber and Improve Aerobic Stability

It is critical to deliver fresh feed to livestock from the silo. Enhanced fiber digestibility and nutrient availability are the most recent innovations in bacterial inoculants.

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