Fungicide Guides for Corn, Soybeans, Alfalfa

Get information on timing foliar fungicide applications, early-season fungicide application, conducting on-farm fungicide tests and more.

Corn Fungicide Decision Guide
Find tips on when you should scout fields for foliar diseases and the four questions you should ask when considering a foliar fungicide application.

Early-Season Fungicide Applications
Is there potential value by making early-season (V5 to V7 stage) foliar fungicide applications to corn? Learn more.

Foliar Fungicides for Gray Leaf Spot Management
Get highlights from a three-year study determining the yield benefit associated with foliar fungicide management of gray leaf spot in hybrids with differing levels of resistance.

Goof Demonstration - Fungicide Misapplication
Pioneer intentionally applied a fungicide at the wrong corn growth stage to measure the potential crop injury. See photos.

How to Conduct an On-Farm Foliar Fungicide Test
Get tips on conducting a valid on-farm side-by-side comparison of fungicide-treated and untreated strips.

Maximizing the Value of Foliar Fungicides in Corn
Research shows the value of fungicide application depends on disease pressure, hybrid susceptibility, previous crop and tillage. Learn more.

Timing Foliar Fungicide Applications
videoFred Kramer, Pioneer area agronomist, talks about timing for foliar fungicide applications. Watch video for tips.



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