Soybean Scouting Calendar

The soybean scouting calendar provides tips for identifying soybean pests and insects as well as management considerations when scouting fields. Additional information for most pests is available by clicking on the pest name.

Soybean Scouting Calendar*
Insects & Diseases 0-1 Month
After Planting
1-2 Months
After Planting
2 Months
To Max. Height
To Pod Fill
Pod Fill
To Leaf Drop
Bean Leaf Beetle  
Mexican Bean Beetle  
Phytophthora Root Rot  
Bean Pod Mottle (BPMV)        
Pythium Root Rot                                
Two-Spotted Spider Mite          
Soybean Cyst Nematode        
Rhizoctonia Root Rot                        
Green Stink Bug                  
Japanese Beetle                    
Soybean Aphid                        
White Mold                          
Brown Stem Rot                              
Sudden Death Syndrome                              
Charcoal Rot                                

*Scouting information based on information from DuPont Pioneer, Iowa State University Extension, Purdue University Extension, University of Illinois Extension and the University of Kentucky Extension.

These scouting times apply to soybeans grown in the Corn Belt. Scouting times in other geographies may vary. When pests appear in fields varies based on weather and other environmental conditions. The scouting dates shown are an approximation. Growers should routinely scout their crops and consult with a sales professional for more information.




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