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Sorghum Seed Treatments


Pioneer Premium Seed Treatment - Grain Sorghum

The 2012 grain sorghum offering includes a package of fungicide and insecticide providing excellent protection and control against a broad spectrum of early-season seed and soilborne diseases, and protection from insects.

Choosing Fungicide (FST) + Insecticide (IST) Seed Treatment to help maximize yield

  • FST (fungicide): Triple mode of action FST protects seed and seedlings from seed-and soil-borne pathogens such as Fusarium and Pythium.
  • IST (insecticide): Systemic protection from seed and seedling damage such as chinch bugs and aphids.
  • New for 2012: Triple mode of action fungicide alleviates additional plant stress a fungicide-only package cannot

Multiyear on-farm testing 2009-2011

Map: Sorghum seed treatment trials

Yield Advantage

x ≤ 0.0
0.0 < x ≤ 1.1
1.1 < x

*red outline denotes
locations where sorghum
downy mildew can occur

Sorghum Seed Treatment Trials
55 Locations in south Texas

Seed treatment offerings are tested extensively across several locations in a wide range of environments by Pioneer Agronomy Sciences.

Photo: Near Corpus Christi, Texas 2012
Photo: fungicides comparison plot trial - sorghum
Fungicide (FST) Only Fungicide (FST) + Insecticide (IST)

Sorghum Seed Treatment Trials
Multiyear on-farm testing comparing Pioneer Brand Grain Sorghum FST
(fungicide only) to FST/IST(fungicide + insecticide) treatments.
Chart: Multi-year on-farm testing comparing Pioneer Brand Grain Sorghum FST to FST/IST treatments.
**Treatment differences were statistically significant at the alpha = 0.10 level
FST+IST 2.0 bu/acre yield advantage over FST alone;
67% consistency
Source: Pioneer Agronomy Research collected this data from
55 on-farm trials in south Texas from 2009-2011.

New 2012 Grain Sorghum Seed Treatment
Treatment Active
Seed Safener fluxofenin Protects grain or forage sorghum from the phytotoxic effects of metolachlor of S-metolachlor herbicides
fludioxinil Seed and seedling protection against fungi causing seed decay, and the pathogens Rhizoctonia solani and Fusarium
mefenoxam Systemic control of Pythium damping-off and Phytophthora; Downy mildew control
azoxystrobin Broaden the range of disease protection and enhance the level of activity on seed-borne and soil seedling diseases such as Fusarium, Rhizoctonia and Pythium
thiamethoxam Systemic protection from seed and seedling damage caused by chinch bugs, greenbugs, yellow sugarcane aphid, corn leaf aphid, wireworm, seedcorn maggot, and fire ants

Triple mode of action fungicide plus powerful insecticide package
broadens range of protection.

Chart: Sorghum seed treatment trial yield comparisons - standard vs. triple mode of action

Triple mode of action treatment outperformed standard fungicide treatment
by 2 bu/acre at 21 locations where sorghum downy mildew was present.*

*Some fungicides are applied to the seed at a higher rate in sorghum downy mildew areas per label recommendations.

Chart: Sorghum seed treatment trial yield comparisons - yield results

2 bu/acre yield advantage at 21 locations and 60% consistency with triple mode of action


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