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Use our new tool to find your true seed cost for Pioneer® brand alfalfa.

Use our new tool to find your true seed cost for Pioneer® brand alfalfa. Alfalfa Seed Cost Calculator

Pioneer® Brand Alfalfa Varieties with HarvXtra® Technology

With a reduced amount of lignin in the plant, these exclusive varieties enable producers to achieve higher-quality hay and forage at every cut compared with non-HarvXtra varieties.

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Pioneer alfalfa varieties with Genuity® Roundup Ready® technology

Alfalfa is no longer a one-size-fits-all crop, when selecting a variety, growers face challenges with variations in moisture, temperature, disease and pest pressure from season to season, field to field and acre to acre.

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Potato Leafhopper in Alfalfa

Potato leafhopper is one of the most common and destructive insects affecting alfalfa. Get scouting tips, threshold levels and other management options.

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Alfalfa Management

From planting through feedout, The Silage Zone resource provides management information you can use to help make decisions.

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Naming System

Learn about why the significance of each positon of letters or numbers is unique.

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Dairy Publication Articles

Read forage-related articles that have appeared in national dairy publications.

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Alfalfa Offers Great Nitrogen Fixation, Storage Benefits

Alfalfa stands fix nitrogen, using it to produce high-protein forage. The crop also stores nitrogen in the crown and roots. When rotating to another crop, such as corn, this stored nitrogen fills most if not all the new crop’s nitrogen needs.

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See the Pioneer® brand inoculants that work for your operation.

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